Hooded Illapa Alpaca Poncho – Intercative Garment

Illapa Andean Design Hooded Poncho, 70% Alpaca & 30% Sheep Wool. High Quality, Interactive Garment by Mythical Ecuador™.


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We provide the best Ponchos, with a Cool Novelty style and always with the best quality.

The Interctive Poncho has a Cool Andean design at the front and back of it.

  • 70% Alpaca Wool, 30% Sheep Wool
  • Made in Ecuador
  • Artisan Handmade Poncho
  • Andean Design
  • Two Buttons Closure
  • Hand Wash Cold Water
  • ALPACA PONCHO FROM ECUADOR: A perfect mix of Alpaca and Sheep Wool makes our ponchos adult perfect for you. This hooded poncho is perfect to wear on any occasion, when you put it on you will feel a warm and cozy feeling, since the material with which it is made is light but not thin, and isn’t scratchy. You can use it as a winter poncho and even in warmer seasons such as spring and fall. Will be great too as a flat sheet in any season.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY STYLE: Our mens poncho will look great on you and fits perfectly to your style because this alpaca wool poncho was made for you. If you like to wear any of this pancho styles (native american, american apparel, western poncho, cowboy poncho, mexican poncho, clint eastwood poncho, hippie poncho, cloak with hood men, baja poncho and more). We are sure you will love this poncho men.
  • COOL DESIGN FOR ANY OCCASION: This poncho has a Cool and Novelty Andean design, our Artisan Crafted Ponchos, in addition to being beautiful works of art, are made by Artisans who live in Andean areas of Ecuador. They know the techniques of making garments, which have been passed down from generation to generation through the centuries. Wear these alpaca hoodie men ponchos with jeans, cloth pants and even shorts and it will look great in any circumstance.
  • THE ARTISAN MANUFACTURER FIRST: Mythical Ecuador™ puts the Artisan Manufacturer First, building a long-term partnership that help the sustainable development of their businesses, thus helping to improve the quality of life of the Artisan and their Family Nucleus and break the cycle of poverty. Our mission is always to take into account the principles of Fair Trade.
  • QUALITY: Our products go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
  • INNOVATION: Add value to all our products is our goal. The use of technology as a means of sharing the Culture of Ecuador and the Company is in our DNA.


WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW A LITTLE MORE ABOUT US: Mythical Ecuador a small business from Ecuador, was born with the dream of sharing a part of the identity of our country Ecuador through handmade garments that reflect an innovative and jovial style. Always maintaining high-quality standards, and use technology as a means to turn our Ponchos into an Interactive garment that we know will satisfy not only your style but all your senses.

As an important part of our business vision, it is to contribute to the social and economic development of people who have not had the opportunity to get a job due to personal or social circumstances, so we offer this group of valuable people a job opportunity within the garment manufacturing line or in the process of preparing the garments to be shipped to Amazon. We are convinced that as a company we can help more people, offering them a job opportunity.

ABOUT THE PONCHO: This Alpaca poncho has the perfect mix of 70% Alpaca and 30% sheep wool, which makes it light but not thin, warm for winter times but you can use it even in less cold seasons like fall. It is a perfect accessory to use as an over bed as well. This interactive item of clothing brings a beautiful design of Illapa, a god of the Incas, an ancient people who settled in several South American countries. If you want to know more about this, check the information paper inside the package and find out the full story.

The mix of colors of the poncho make it a garment that will combine with almost any color of clothing you wear. Use it with jeans, with fabric pants, even with short pants and you will look great. Mythical Ecuador from Ecuador for you.

Total Length: 76.37’’ (194 cm), Fringes Length: 2.36’’ (6cm), Width: 46.46’’ (118cm) (please refer to the size chart on the Listing Images)

THE ARTISAN MANUFACTURER FIRST: Mythical Ecuador puts the Artisan Manufacturer First, building a long-term partnership that help the sustainable development of their businesses.

Weight 1.75 kg


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