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Mythica Ecuador™ – A story behind your purchased T-shirt

Mythical Ecuador™, a small Ecuadorian company, wants to let you know a little about its cultural and natural wealth.

The main objective of this small interactive text between your purchased T-shirt and this digital information is to let you know through this short but interesting information about the majestic animal printed on your T-shirt “The Spectacled Owl”. And of course, as lovers of nature and our country Ecuador, we want you to know a little more about us and our natural wealth.

About Ecuador

Ecuador or the Ecuadorian Republic, officially the Republic of Ecuador, is a sovereign and multinational country, located in the northwestern region of South America. Its capital is Quito. It is a member of the Andean Community and is organized into twenty-four provinces. It limits to the north with Colombia, to the south and east with Peru and to the west with the Pacific Ocean, which separates it from the Colón archipelago or Galapagos Islands by approximately one thousand kilometers from the continental coast, between the Santa Elena peninsula and the island of San Cristobal. It also limits with Costa Rica by the maritime border of the insular region. The equinoctial line or parallel 0° crosses the country and divides the continental and insular territories in two, thus leaving most of the Ecuadorian territory in the southern hemisphere.

The printed design on the T-shirt

Mythical Ecuador™ presents this unique and exclusive design of a Spectacled Owl that belongs to the Yasuní Collection. In this design you can see an Elegant Owl standing on a wooden branch in the middle of the Yasuní Jungle, green leaves sprout from the branch, due to the movement of the bird, a leaf is released from the wooden branch and floats on one side .

They are birds of prey, native to South and Central America. It is distributed from the south of Mexico to the north of Argentina, passing through the Amazon, in Ecuador it can be found in the Yasuní National Park that belongs to the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Sound of an Owl

Main Characteristics of the Spectacled Owl

It is a nocturnal bird that feeds on insects, birds, frogs, and bats. It measures from 43 to 50 cm and weighs from one to one and a half kilos.

It stands out, particularly because it presents an intense yellow hue around its eyes that gives the impression that it had glasses.

It has white eyebrows that go to the beak, forming incomplete spectacles, which give it its name. In addition, it does not have “ears”, that is, it lacks ear tufts.

Behavior and reproduction

It nests in tree hollows or in cracks in rocks, where the female lays two eggs, which she incubates for a month.

She emits a deep, long song to mark her territory. It generally lives below 1,000 meters above sea level. The owl can live from 25 to 30 years.

Habitat and Hunting

This species lives in open woodland and wooded riverbanks. It is a nocturnal bird that rests in dense foliage during the day, becoming active after dark. It hunts at night being more active on moonlit nights. To hunt, it perches leaning forward on bare branches at an intermediate height where it checks around, darts to the ground on its prey, or performs a swift midair spin to snatch its prey from vegetation.


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